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When Trey isn't on a work site, you'll find him with his wife, Angie,  supporting his kids at various events, playing golf, or hunting.
Ron enjoys spending time with his wife, Cindy, managing Christian discipleship ministries, flying airplanes, and jeeping in Colorado.
Trey Thornton
Ron Blevins
Owner, Developer, Builder
​​Builder, Design Specialist,
Realtor, Photographer, Pilot 
EXPERIENCE. Trey Thornton has built around 200 homes in Abilene, and he built/managed around 750 homes in Austin. He has a wealth of knowledge and design ideas. Trey is a builder you can trust. He is responsive, an excellent problem-solver, and has an easy disposition. Trey has built all kinds of homes in and out of the city limits. If you can dream it, he can build it.

DEVELOPER. He is also the developer of the fast-growing Cap Rock Ridge Subdivision on Beltway South/Hwy. 707 next to Beltway Park Church. 

MEMBERSHIPS. Trey is a member of the Abilene Home Builder's Association and the Abilene Better Business Bureau.

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY. Trey's wife, Angie, is a Loan Originator  for Gateway Mortgage Group (NMLS 1622518). His son and daughter attend Wylie schools. Trey and his family attend Beltway Park Church and are active members in the Abilene community.
Ron joined the TCH team in 2014 after a great recommendation from a family member who worked with Trey in the past. Ron was impressed with Trey's knowledge, experience, professionalism, and intregity and has thoroughly enjoyed being on Trey's team.

Ron brings a varied set of skills and experience to the team: large business and finance experience, artistic creativity, public relations, photography, and aviation. He is a licensed real estate agent with Cooksey and Company, another wonderful team of Christian businessmen (

Ron's wife, Cindy, inherited her father's detail eye for building. She is a retired educator who works alongside Ron to assist with construction and design decisions. 

So if you need someone to help you refine your dream home plans, buy/sell/photograph a home/property, take you to view property from the air, or walk with you through building your dream home, give Ron a call.